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Template for Converting Square export csv to YNAB-readable csv

Question asked by PaulWirth on Jan 20, 2014


Template for Converting Square export csv to YNAB-readable csv


     For anyone that's interested:

     I process credit card payments for my small business through Square, and I do my accounting for it in YNAB.

     Square currently only exports data in csv format. YNAB imports various formats. I toyed around with a python app for converting csv to ofx, but I'm not a programmer and I didn't make headway in tailoring those to work correctly for me.

     So I made a FM Pro database solution to import Square csv Transaction and Deposit data and export it as a csv that's readable by YNAB.

     If this is something anyone else wants to use, here's my template:

     1. Run the "Import Transactions" and "Import Deposit" scripts. Choose your exported Square Transactions and Deposits csv files accordingly.

     2. Run the "Export For YNAB" script. This saves a "Square for import to YNAB.csv" file in the same directory as the FM Pro file.

     3. Import that csv file into your Square account in YNAB.

     Each Square deposit will have its own entry in the exported csv. And since you can't import split transactions into YNAB via csv, each Square transaction will have two entries: the original transaction amount as a credit and the Square fee as a debit. I use Square very simply, so there may be categories and fields that show up in your Square export that aren't processed in the scripts as I've made them.

     I'm brand new to Filemaker Pro, and I'm sure there's room for improvement on this. If anyone has any tweaks to it, feel free to let me know.