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    Template Migration



      Template Migration


      Hello Filemaker Community,

      I would very much appreciate some input regarding a template that I have been using for quite a long time (starting in Filemaker 5 and migrating it to 9 which I now use and testing a trail version of 11-which was used for the screen shot).  I on a Mac OS 10.6 and as I use this template the field entries are starting to not be sharp, cropping off the bottom of the lines, etc.

      I have a substantial amount of information tied to this template and would like to avoid recreating the template and having to move my records into a new template.  This degradation of quality has been gradual and I would like to know how I can get back to my original quality.  This has also been effecting such things a color highlights, etc. within the fields. 

      The image I have included was opened in the trial version of Filemaker Pro 11.

      Thanks, thanks, thanks,



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          I have seen this more in layout mode than browse mode like you have in your screen shot. When seen in layout mode, the problem doesn't seem to carry over to browse mode in most cases--but then I'm one windows also.

          You can fix the problem by entering layout mode (click Edit layou) and double clicking each field label text. Then save your layout update when you return to browse mode. Double clicking each field should pop it out to the minimum height needed to not have any text appear truncated.

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            PhilModjunk you're a genius!

            Thank you so much, as your suggestion worked like a charm and cleaned up the layout (in layout mode).

            Not sure if this was a real obvious fix, but blessings to you all the same.

            By the way:  this (Rolodex) layout I created was run in a FileMaker Magazine, and I have used it for many years...

            it stands as simply the most awesome way for me to organize my contacts.  Please copy the template if you have a need,

            so perhaps this will help yourself or those reading this thread.

            Thank you, thank you, thank you,


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              Judging from the layout, I'd structure things quite a bit differently so that I'd use a portal to a related table for all those phone numbers instead of individual fields--something to think about for your next version of this template! Wink

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                Thanks for the tip, I'll test it out!