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Template that combines customer database and event management?

Question asked by KittyWilliams on Jul 12, 2012
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Template that combines customer database and event management?


I am new to Filemaker (previously worked in Access, but need something more user friendly for the rest of the office). I need to create a database to track both our customer database information and events (some of which are paid). The starter solution for the customer database looks pretty good--could probably be tweaked to meet our needs, but the event database, aside from being a completely different file from the customer database when I would really like them connected, seems to assume all events are free--there doesn't appear to be anyway to put in a price or track payments. I can, of course, try to build it all from scratch, but hate to have to do that because I don't know Filemaker all that well and really don't want to have to "reinvent the wheel" from what I already built in Access (My impression was that Filemaker was going to be SO much easier...). Is there a possible solution out there that I'm just not aware of? Thanks