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    Template use on Different Databases



      Template use on Different Databases



      Ive created a template which I use for a customer contact database. Essentially its a modified template from the sample one provided. I want to add another database so I import from a spreadsheet and have the raw data but I can only edit the existing template (default I guess). I expected to be able to select a previous template and use that in the new database as a starting point.

      The way I am seeing this I have to recreate the same template everytime I add a new database.

      Any help would be appreciated.


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          Not really.

          You can use Save a Copy as and select the clone option to get a copy of your database with no records. You can then open this copy and use it as your "template" for building a different version of the existing file. You can also use Import Records with the new table option to import an existing table design into your file from another FileMaker file--which can sometimes be a useful way to combine several separate tables into a unified file.