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template.doc export!!

Question asked by jb_1 on Oct 29, 2012
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template.doc export!!


     Hello everyone;
     We can not do export headings in Word format (. DOC) from the web brwoser, so I export my recording format (. Xls). The problem is that I have a word template that I have to fill each time from the database, the only solution I found in that moment is to merge word document headings (template.doc) with that of the export file (file.xls), this method takes a lot of temp and is not practical for hundreds of tt files export ..
     This word contains a template HTML, view from Tools >> Macro >> Microsoft Script Editor, that I wanted to integrate the script in (or such like thing) in the database FileMkaer Advanced, to get automatically each export a registration list, a well-defined template.
     Is it possible to integrate an HTML script in a database?? Are there any other effective solution??
     Thank you for your help and time.