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    template.doc export!!



      template.doc export!!


           Hello everyone;
           We can not do export headings in Word format (. DOC) from the web brwoser, so I export my recording format (. Xls). The problem is that I have a word template that I have to fill each time from the database, the only solution I found in that moment is to merge word document headings (template.doc) with that of the export file (file.xls), this method takes a lot of temp and is not practical for hundreds of tt files export ..
           This word contains a template HTML, view from Tools >> Macro >> Microsoft Script Editor, that I wanted to integrate the script in (or such like thing) in the database FileMkaer Advanced, to get automatically each export a registration list, a well-defined template.
           Is it possible to integrate an HTML script in a database?? Are there any other effective solution??
           Thank you for your help and time.



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               There is a specific file format intended for merging FileMaker data with a Word template such as you would use to produce a form letter published with MS Word. Look up exporting to Merge documents, .mer in FileMaker Help and then research the process in MS Word to see how this might work for you.

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                 Thank you Phil for your help , can I have a link please ..?? in FileMaker help,I can't understand how exporting to Merge documents works.. It must be some more details . thnks

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                   I don't have a link.

                   It's much the same as exporting to a tab file, but the field names are included as the first row of data--with underscores in place of spaces in your field names.