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Template/layout to track incoming shipments that include different items?

Question asked by JohnAtkins on Apr 8, 2012
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Template/layout to track incoming shipments that include different items?


I am the biology lab technician for a local community college. A big part of my job involves tracking the ordering various supplies and items from different vendors. I would like to use FM to track not my inventory but rather the items ordered and the amount we pay for each. But I don't really want to recreate the wheel on this, so I'm hoping for some help.

At the end of each academic term, I am asked to produce reports detailing such things as total amount spent with each vendor; how much did supplies for each biology class cost; how much of each item was ordered; and so forth.

Basically, I would like my layout to include all the obvious stuff per order: vendor's invoice number; dates; payment method (PO, credit card, etc.); containers to place PDFs of the invoices, receipts, and packing lists; and all the items and their amounts and prices in that order.

All of that seems pretty straightforward to me, except that last stipulation. If each order were for just one item, no problem. But an order from a vendor might be for one or up to 20 items plus an amount for shipping/handling/tax. Also, I would like to be able to couple each item ordered with what college class uses that item. 

I guess something like an expandable table/grid in the layout where each row would include quantity, price/unit, item code, description, and class using the item?

Does anyone know of a template/layout that I can start with that'll easily do at least most of this?

I'm using FM 10 on Mac OS X (Lion) and Windows XP Pro.