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    tempoary message display



      tempoary message display


      Hi I would like to create a temporary message box , that stops displaying after they select a button "DO NOT SHOW AGAIN"

      Any help would be much appreciated,

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          A bit more detail would help us be more specific in our suggestions. A script can certainly use Show Custom Dialog to open a dialog and display a message. A script that opens that dialog can check the value of a field to determine whether or not to show the dialog.

          You can also put text on a layout that is visible only when its "Hide Object When" setting is false (FileMaker 13) and that expression can also refer to the value of a field to control whether the text is or is not visible.

          And in older versions, conditional formatting can be used in place of Hide Object When to control visibility.

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             Hi I am using pro 12 , "Show Custom Dialog" would answer the message display reques, the script calling the dialog is simple , it's the check value I'm not sure about ? 

            I want them to see the message  each time they open the page untill it is no longer required then by selecting another control it is hidden from view never to be seen again.

            I hope that will provide enough information , it's the script that has thrown me , thanks in advance.


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              Not really. There are a number of possible scenarios that fit your current description.

              One option is to define a check box formatted number field in the layout's table. Give it a value list of a single value, the number 1. Resize the field to hide the value and only show the check box with layout text put next to it to identify it's purpose.

              Your script can be:

              IF [ Not LayoutTable::CheckBoxFieldHere ]
                 Show Custom Dialog
              End IF

              The script will show the custom dialog if the check box has not been selected. There then is the issue of when this script should run, a number of possible scripts and script triggers might be used depending on what best fits the overall interface design.