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TEMPORARILY locking a window

Question asked by beckett85_1 on Nov 2, 2009
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TEMPORARILY locking a window


Ok basically in my database you can add materials to a job which  come from a catalog, you open up the catalog it stores the job number of the open job and each item you click from the list, it quickly copies that from the catalog into the job items list, quite easy, but i can see an error popping up if someone leaves the catalog open and it remembers the wrong job and they keep adding items etc, what i want to do is the following


The User is in the Job Window

The user Clicks 'open catalog', the catalog pops up in a seperate window

the user clicks each material they want to add in 

the user closes the catalog with a 'close' button


all of this works fine, but while the user has they product catalog open i want the job window to be locked and nothing able to be pressed until the close button on the product catalog is pressed


any ideas?


Thanks in advance