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temporary work tables for multi-user solutions

Question asked by med on Jul 7, 2011
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temporary work tables for multi-user solutions


In my solution I am extracting data from an appointment list table to arrange it in a temporary table and display it as a grid (using a portal) for an appointment scheduling application. The reason for this is that I like to show a grid with columns for different teachers and lines for different times of the day and the order of the teachers columns or their selection can vary according to the user option.

The solution works fine where the temporary table containes selected data for one day and for a set of teachers which I change with a scripted button that repopulates the temporray table and re-displays the screen for the new day or the new set of teachers...etc.

In my solution I have all the data tables in other files (.fp7) separate from the solution file which contains the layout, scripts, table occurances AND THE TEMPORAY TABLE (using FM11 Advanced)

If I want to extend the solution to multi_user I have to somehow create this temporay table in each users computer and use an occurance of it in the solution file. BUT I know the idea and I only need some body to tell me how to implement this idea (the mechanics of doing it)

ALSO how to solve this issue If I have to use IWP to allow people to book over the internet.