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    Test data generator



      Test data generator




      Does anyone make a test data generator that will create data specifically for FileMaker tables?




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             I am not sure what you mean. Are you looking for just test data? you can always import most data file formats so if you find a sample data in csv tab etc then you can import into a new table. There are also sample files everywhere.
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            If you need some "people" data, Brian Dunning has some files. You can get some for free, lots more for a reasonable fee.

            See the Sample Data link on this page:



            Also check out his Custom Functions link (in the panel at top left). Crazy number of them. Requires FileMaker Pro Advanced however. 

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              Thanks for the responses. To elaborate I am looking for test data to fill tables in the databases that I create. I like to fill the tables with about 10,000 records or so for testing speed, accessing, that sort of thing. There are commercial test data generators available such as TurboData. These however do not connect directly with FileMaker databases. The data generator will connect with the target database read the schema and generate data for all fields in all tables. It is also aware of primary and foreign keys for relations. The data can be random strings, random numbers, real data such as names streets cities countries and zip codes.



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                   You could script this. Fmp does have a function for generating random numbers. You could even load a text field with a large chunk of text and use make random selections of text from this field to populate multiple text fields. You can put all of this in a loop programmed to loop once for each generated record and with a counter to stop the loop when a specified number of records has been created.
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                  I did a search and found nothing FMP specific.

                  There are generic data random data lists for contacts and addresses.

                  The previous posts cover these. 

                  I found nothing that is modifiable and definable.

                  It could be done by hand and calculations.

                  You could even keep a longer view in mind, and design the database to define fields, constraints, limits and randomness to create such a generator you could market.

                  The price tags on some of the data generators were surprisingly high.