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Test Data Structure

Question asked by vipero00 on Jan 4, 2010
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Test Data Structure & Analysis


I am a test engineer and am using FMP 10 on my MacBook Pro running OS10.5.8. For now I am running one kind of test and am storing the results in FM. Basically I have two major tables. SessionTbl and TestResultsTbl.


SessionTbl has each test session that I have run.


TestResultsTbl stores the test results. There are 16 fields in this table of which seven have to do with configuration. The rest id the unit contain raw data and calculated results and the sessionID.


This works well for data entry by session and printing reports for a test session.


The configuration fields are:









Now I want to do several comparisons to show unit to unit variation, test repeatability and other effects. I need to compare apples to apples so Channel, Rate, Power, Port, Position, and Polarity need to match in any comparison. In all there are 12 (channel, rate) combinations and 8 (Port, Position, Polarity) combinations for a total of 96 total tests per unit. Because of the large number of total tests and the time required a test session is usually limited to a single unit and a block of 24 tests. If I know the worst case combinations I may only do those worst case ones to save time.


I've thought about listing the combinations in a CombinationsTbl with a CombID key field in order to make the comparisons easier.


Just to get me started I think I have a 4 step process to go through.


1. Identify the total number of sets of data I can compare.

2. Select two of them

3. Extract the data from the two selected sets.

4. Compare config to config in the selected sets.


I don't know how to do any of those steps and I don't know the FM terminology so I can search properly. Any push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.