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    Test Environment - how do you "play"



      Test Environment - how do you "play"


      My Network Admin says we don't have a test environment for our FileMaker Pro (server) database and don't have server space for one. I'd really like a test environment to play around (being 2 weeks on the job) creating new tables, experimenting with relationships, etc. Any thoughts out there? Thanks in advance!

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          If you are totally new to FM then there is no need for you to have a server (either hardware or software) to have a test environment.  Load the FM client on to your desktop and create databases there.

          If you have a current file on your server that you want to 'play' with you can get a copy of it, put it on your desktop and open it from there.  BUT you must make sure it is set to Sharing = OFF or it will appear on your network and will allow staff to log on to it in error.