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Test if Field contains ANY text

Question asked by SeanMann on Oct 11, 2011
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Test if Field contains ANY text



I'm trying to write a calculation that involves a field that may have text in it. The data is exported from one database into excel and then imported into Filemaker for creating reports. 

I currently have the field set so that its format is number, however if the data in that field is a mixture of text and numbers, Filemaker automatically removes and non-numerical text and reports that the field contains a number.

For example:

The field actually contains

"This gift will have anotehr $500 payment on 10/10/2012"

and Filemaker reports this number


I need to use this field in numerical calculation and this causes issues.

What I thought to do would be set up validation on the field, but it doesn't seem to work since the data is already imported.

So then I thought there must be some function I can use to test wether that field contains any text and then if that test returns true I can stop the calculation from occuring.

Any help is welcome.