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    Test questions database (for teachers)



      Test questions database (for teachers)



      As a teacher I 'm struggling over and over again with making new tests/exams: collecting and ordering my test questions of the past years.

      I was wondering if it is possible to use Filemaker to set up a database for al my questions.

      Is it possible to sort them by scores, to search for keywords, ... ?


      It would also be very convenient if I could leave a comment or something to remind me when I last used a certain question. For example, I could make the mistake to use a question for a test, and afterwards the same question for an exam. If you've got many tests and many exams, it's easy to mix things up.


      Any comments?




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          As a former teacher who once had to do this, I understand the issues at hand.


          Yes, filemaker can do this easily. You'll need to learn how to use filemaker to accomplish this unless someone offers an off the shelf solution.


          You'll need at the very least a  questions table, a test table and a test questions table where you select questions from the questions table for a given test.


          You can easily add additional fields that record which chapter or curriculum section they apply to. You can also add comment fields to track past performance.


          You can even set it up to put questions in a random order (to generate tests with identical questions but different order to make cheating off another student more difficult) if you wish.


          There's a lot of options, but implementing them depends on how much effort you choose into learning how to do this with filemaker.

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            Thanks for your answer, that sounds encouraging :-)

            This software is completely new to me, so I still have to figure things out.

            Do I have to use a certain template to set up a questions table? 

            Could you give me some direction how to do it exactely?



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              You'll first need to gain some basic skills in how to create a filemaker database. Are you up for that? There are books and online tutorials available that you can purchase.


              If you can find someone who offers a ready-made solution for this, it saves you work as they've done the design work for you. Otherwise you are starting with a blank page--more work, but at least you get to design things exactly the way you want them.


              We'll support you all we can from the forum, but acquiring the basics first, will help you understand the basic terms and concepts being discussed here.

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                You're definitely right, I'll first find out about the basic things. 

                One more thing I would like to know: is it possible to insert an image in a questions table? Test questions are sometimes accompanied by an image, it would be useful if I could keep text and image together.


                Thank you very much,


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                  Yes, there's a special field called a container field that you can insert pictures into.