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testing not found in a script

Question asked by BrianWilliams on Nov 16, 2010
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testing not found in a script


In my membership DB, I have a volunteer table.  This table is joined to an Event table, but not the membership table because a volunteer does not have to be a member.  however, I want to know if the volunteer entered is a member for reporting purposes.

I'm adding the volunteers via a portal on the Event layout and am trying to write a scripr that finds the volunteer first and last name in the membership table.  The script will be triggered when a new volunteer record is added.

First question:  Do I have to go to the membership layout in my script?  Keep in mind that the volunteer record could be entered either from the portal on the event layout, or the volunteer layout itself.  The script should happen behind the scenes.

Second question:  How do I test a condition of not found in the If statement?  The script will do nothing if the name is not found, or set a field in the volunteer table equal to something if they are a member.

If there is a better option of doing this, I'm open to suggestions.  Thanks!