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    Testing open window



      Testing open window


      I'd like have my script open a window with a particular name (say, "My Window") only if it isn't already open, and then go to a particular layout. Otherwise, if the window by that name is already open, select that window and go the same layout.


      I just don't see a way to test for the existence of an open windows with a particular name and go to it, otherwise open it.

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          look in Design Functions


          WindowNames ( FileName )


          returns a list of open widows. 

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            Well, I noticed the WindowNames function, and thought I could use that somehow, but couldn't figure out how to determine (in a script) if the desired WindowName is in that list. Now that I look over the funtion list I see FilterValues. Could I do this as a test:


            If not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( "DesiredWindow" ; Get ( WindowNames ) ) )


            then select the window and go from there, otherwise create a new window