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Testing records related to filtered records in portal

Question asked by RobBeach on Dec 28, 2014
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Testing records related to filtered records in portal


A problem that seems rather simple when I detail it here, but I can't find the way to get FM to do what I want it to do!

I have three tables:

Location       Date     Event

The common key is __pk_DateID

In a layout based on Location I have a portal listing all relevant dates

Within that portal I added a button / script to take me to any related Events for that date. Works fine.

I would like to use conditional formatting on that button to show if certain criteria on each Event record is true. (Specifically, Confirmed, a Y/N field in Event).

The conditional formatting works when there is one event on a given date, but doesn't work if there are >1 record, as it is not testing the entire table, simply the first related record it finds. As there is no test for it, if the 2nd record in the Event table isn't confirmed, my conditional formatting isn't indicating that fact.

I have come up with a variety of ideas on how to handle this, but they all seem far more complicated then I think they should be. Therefore I am reaching out here for suggestions.....