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           In the old FMPro, I could set the default text by selectiing the text I wanted before I created text.

           In the new database I just created, everything comes out Tahoma 12 no matter how I create the text.

           Someone will state the obvisous so I'll reiterate.  

           In Layout, if I select the "T" to creat text, it automatically used Tahoma 12.  Now, I can go back and change that.  If I draw a line, then go to make more text, It's still Tahoma 12.  

           How do I change the default text? 

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               Oh, and, the color is a light gray.  I can't change the default color either.

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                 I believe those default options are not controlled by the selected Theme. Not what I want either...

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                   A theme in FileMaker Pro is a collection of coordinated styles that determine the color, attribute, and fonts used for layout objects and parts. With a theme, you can control the visual characteristics of your layout(s), including:

              •           Background color of layout parts
              •           Field borders and fill
              •           Layout objects borders and fill
              •           Text characteristics inside and outside of fields

              NOTE: Choosing a theme does not control the placement or behavior of layout objects

                   When changing the theme of a layout, the new theme will be fully applied to the layout and all layout objects with the following exceptions:

              •           Font-size and font family will be set to the new themes default for all objects with text BUT all other text properties will be preserved. This means things like italic, uppercase and other text styles will not change when you switch from one layout to another.
              •           Buttons that were created in previous versions of FileMaker Pro.
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                     Use the "classic" layout in FMP12.