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    Text Auto-Formating



      Text Auto-Formating


      I'm trying to get the text in various fields to stay consistent.  I am using the generic Inventory DB provided in FMP9 with a few layout design modifications.   In Form View, the text formatting is consistent from record to record in that the font, text size, and style stay the same.  But in List View, and in my Reports, my item titles are not consistently formatted.  I imported all of my records from an older version of FMP, and the text was not consistently formatted in that old DB.  In my new FMP9 DB I simply want the text to appear in the same format before I go insane manually re-formatting the text for the purpose of printing a report etc. 

      I am aware of the text formatting functions but am having some trouble determining which to use and how to apply them to fields properly.  I'd appreciate some direction if anyone has had a similar issue.


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          To remove formatting from field contents, try the method below.


          Note: make sure you have a current backup BEFORE doing this in the event that something goes wrong!!! 


          1. Records > Show All Records

          2. Click in the field you want to update

          3. Records > Replace Field Contents...

          4. Click the Specify... button next to Replace with calculated result 

          5. Enter TextFormatRemove ( yourfieldnamehere ) for the calculation

          6. Click OK to close the Specifiy Calculation dialog

          7. Click Replace to perform the unformatting


          See how that goes. 

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               That's it! Worked fine, thank you.