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    Text Boxes



      Text Boxes


      I am a FM Pro10 on an XP platform user.

      Is there a better way to set up a text box so when a user types in this box the words don't cut from one sentence to the other. Same goes for printing.

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          Jeff_D wrote:

          the words don't cut from one sentence to the other


           Pardon my igonorance...


          What does this mean?  Spacing? What is word cutting?

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            Well it so simple it's hard to explain and it's bothered me for some time now, so I'll try to explain better.

             I have a text box that is 319px wide by 101px wide, formatted at 10 font arial,

            when a sentence carries over to the next line, in most cases the whole word at the end;


            "I can write information into this text box and if the sentence or para

            graph is longer than the 101px wide it doesn't wrap a complete word.



            This is my example, you see that the word "paragraph" doesn't wrap to the next line.


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                 Go to File > File Options… > Text and make sure that 'Use Roman language line-breaking' is turned on.
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                   I should have asked sooner! Thanks very much.