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Text colour changing to the same as background

Question asked by ElizabethMcMurray on Feb 16, 2014


Text colour changing to the same as background


     One of my clients, has a set of 10.6 machines - we've recently (within the last two weeks) started running into an issue where the text located on buttons becomes the same colour as the background text. I've attached a screenshot with an example. This was previously on affecting only one user but has now spread to another. It doesn't affect all users on the same machine.

     The current fix, is to delete the preference file; then overwrite the Application folder for filemaker with a version from a different user, although this sometimes involves a time lag - as apple doesn't always recognise that it's a new program (when we get the "this is the first time opening this application" message, filemaker will work correctly with the overwrite method.)


     Is there a way to fix this permanently? We're using filemaker pro version 10.