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    text extraction



      text extraction


           I have a field that I want to extract some text from and pass to another field.

           I want to get everything to the right of the first 2 characters.

           eg. field A = 123456789

           text I want to extract 3456789

           Apologies if this is a very simple question but I can't seem to uncover how.

           Thanks in advance


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               Set Variable [ $var ; Value: Right ( field A ; Length ( field A ) - 2 ) ]
               Set Field [ field B ; $var ]

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            My first script attempt. I'm trying to split out the 3-character StoreCode from its current position in a two-function XL spreadsheet field labeled Cust ref, put it into the StoreCode field, and delete the first 3 characters plus the 4th, a space.


             i.e., to go from that (above) to this (below)        


            In the context of your solution for Laurie:


            Set Variable [ $var ; Value: Right ( field A ; Length ( field A ) - 2 ) ]

            Set Field [ field B ; $var ]


            ...I tried

            Set Variable [ localVar $var; Value: Left (Cust ref;Length (Cust ref) 3)]

            Set Field [StoreCode; $var]


            The script only runs for one step, and just copies the contents of CustRef into StoreCode. How do you make it keep going 'til it runs out of records to process?


            I'm both flummoxed by all the clicking in all the little "window-pains"(sic) to get a formula or "expression" --isn't there a way to just type the things straight in, like doing C with BBEdit?--and by figuring how to run the debugging tools in step-by-step or debugging mode, never mind setting up the navigating infrastructure: go to layout, show all records, then do the work. 


            (I'm using fmp13Advanced "the missing manual" as well as FM's help & guides, but it's a profoundly piecemeal process, esp w/ Prosser's tome, which massively daunting, what with all the anthropomorphic cutenesses and the constant "special boxes" which aren't much better than Tristram Shandy's constant digressions (which Shandy explains with great-though-obscurantist humour on page one of his "bio"). And Tristram Shandy's about 300 pages long, and the missing manual's about 930.



            Any help (or even pointers to better help than wott I gott todate would be appreciated. Mightily.

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              I'm confused about uploading images.  At first, it looked like I could screen-grab little illustrative bits concerning my questions-in-search of answers and paste them into the text entry box. But on posting my similar question in search of an answer as above, the little illustrations vanished into the bit-bucket. (or Cloud CuckooLand)


               So what Haven't I learned so far:

              1) Upload an image, radio button depressed; click choose file. Instructions 1 and 2 are clear. But 3 is not. "Your image will be uploaded when you click Save below.

              But there is no "Save" below to click, that I can see. Just a little button, labeled "Post Answer". Can't someone fix this? As if FileMakerPro13Advanced weren't hellish enough for the neophyte to understand/semi-master already, without adding another unnecessarily complex layer on top of that for those seeking help. Or perhaps you've hired the seven surviving LoneGunmen™ sniper teams what done in JFK in 1963 -- to conspire in making FileMakerPro so complicated that we have to pay thousands more for consultants and training videos and manuals. 


              And why does the cursor always return to 0,0 when I hit carriage return? Has Larry Ellison spent to many days in the sun? (I see this is an "oracle RightNow' web package you're using.