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Text field "stuck" on top section of tab control

Question asked by quirkycrone on Mar 3, 2014
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Text field "stuck" on top section of tab control


     Stuck again!  I was merrily trying to paste stuff (fields and text labels) between on panel and another ---which really doesn't work very well unless you wan to copy segments of the panel one at a time -- and lo and behold I noticed a strange "straggler" anomaly at the top of the screen. 

     One of the test boxes I copied and pasted is somewhere in the FM layers -- believe me I have tried every combination of moving forward and back -- it only shows on the Consignments tab shown in the picture. And it doesn't have a tab control so that's not a solution.

     Executed in FM 12, windows.

     Please let me know of yet another trick I haven't thought of.  I gather pasting a complex, panel full of layout, into another panel to be edited for a new, but similar, function (like Invoices Or Receipts) is just one of those things filemaker makes us workaround.

     See the INVOICE in the tab control to the right (right smack between On Loan and Labels..make it go away please!