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    Text field "stuck" on top section of tab control



      Text field "stuck" on top section of tab control


           Stuck again!  I was merrily trying to paste stuff (fields and text labels) between on panel and another ---which really doesn't work very well unless you wan to copy segments of the panel one at a time -- and lo and behold I noticed a strange "straggler" anomaly at the top of the screen. 

           One of the test boxes I copied and pasted is somewhere in the FM layers -- believe me I have tried every combination of moving forward and back -- it only shows on the Consignments tab shown in the picture. And it doesn't have a tab control so that's not a solution.

           Executed in FM 12, windows.

           Please let me know of yet another trick I haven't thought of.  I gather pasting a complex, panel full of layout, into another panel to be edited for a new, but similar, function (like Invoices Or Receipts) is just one of those things filemaker makes us workaround.

           See the INVOICE in the tab control to the right (right smack between On Loan and Labels..make it go away please!


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               Looks like your tab control may cross the border between header and body layout parts. Position the tab control so that it does not touch or cross the header-body boundary line and it should work as expected.

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                 Even if I completely remove the header the Invoice text is still attached to the Consignments tab area and won't let me get to it...Sorry, sounded like a great "fix"

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                   can you upload a screen shot of this layout taken while it is in layout mode? (and crop the image to just the FileMaker window where you have this issue?)

                   It's important to make sure that a tab control "owns" the objects you try to place on/within one of the panels. If it "owns" the object, it will move when you move the tab control. If it does not, it's not part of the tab control and is either on top of or below the tab control.

                   If an object is not "owned" by a panel of the tab control:

                   Drag the object totally away from the tab control and release the mouse button. Then carefully click the tab control until the specific panel where you want this object to be is selected. (the first click of a tab control selects the tab control and the second click selects a tab panel) Then drag the object back on to the tab panel and do not release the mouse button until it is completely within the edges of the tab panel. Then drag the tab panel a few pixels to see if it now moves with the tab control. Once you've done that, then you can use the alighment tools and the arrow keys to "fine tune" its position within the tab panel.

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                     I found another suggestion somewhere on the Forum that suggested I create a select box by starting with the mouse "off the panel".  Turns out I didn't need to even go "off the panel".  I just did Control Click and moved my mouse up from the space below the offending "Invoice" and bingo I saw those magical little boundary handles. It's gone gone gone to the recycle bin.

                     Oh, the text box was attached somehow to the Consignment Panel even though it doesn't show there in the screenshot.  It would only show when I selected consignments.  Personally, I think its related to some of the Bug issues reported about grouping fields on one panel and copying 'em to another panel.

                     It shouldn't take 4 hours to get rid of one lousy text field.  Or five days to figure out that FileMaker doesn't like to use text fields to create relationships.

                     Thanks Phil...I'm sure you can count on me being stuck again.  It's a muddy field.

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                       Bye the bye, if I could have  dragged the object anyway, by its ears or its toes, I would have deleted it aeons ago.