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Text Field issues with ODBC to MSSQL

Question asked by curlyharry on Apr 12, 2013


Text Field issues with ODBC to MSSQL


     I am using FileMaker V11 advanced. I am displaying and editting via ODBC connection to MSSQL database. I have an issue when displaying and modifying Text fields. I get an extra CR/LF between lines in the Field when I display the text field from the MSSQL table. If I modify the text and store it back to MSSQL it removes all of the CRLF from text when viewed from the VB6 program that normally displays and edits this field in my other program.

     Has anyone seen this type of messing up the text field data before. I have searched all over the internet for anyone seeing this to no avail. I do not think I am doing anything out of the ordinary that hundreds of others would have seen before but nobody is complaining so it must be me.

     Filemaker -> Text field displaying MSSQL Varchar field

     Thanks in advance.