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    Text field summaries



      Text field summaries


      I'm using FM Pro 9 on Mac OSX 10.5.8 and would call myself an advanced beginner user. I'm looking to create a report for my health practice that would allow me to see how many patients are referred <Field: Referral Source> by physicians, websearch, existing patients, etc. I also want to create a report that shows the number of patients referred by the various doctors who refer <Field: Referral Source Full Name>. Both are text fields. Ideally, I want all of this information on a single report (ie, I don't expect that multiple find requests is the answer). How can I achieve this?



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             The structure of your tables where you record this information will make a big difference as to whether this report is easy or hard to set up. What does the design of your tables look like?
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            Hi Phil. Thanks yet again for offering advice.


            If I understand what you're asking, the field "Referral Source" is an indexed, text field with custom values in the value list (eg, physician, websearch, friend, existing client).

            The design of my tables is pretty simple. I have only one table in each of 2 databases: 


            Table Name: Client Contacts 2008                                    Contact Management

            Source: FileMaker                                                           FileMaker

            Details: 76 Fileds, 526 Records                                        36 Fields, 463 Records

            Occurrences in Graphs: Client Contacts 2008                    Contact Management, Similar Company, Similar Name, Similars


            The two are related such that names of contacts are the names of my referral sources.


            Is that what you're looking for?






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              It's a start. How have your formatted your referral source field with a value list? Check boxes, radio buttons, drop down, or pop up? (Whether you permit one and only one value in this field or multiple values makes a big difference here.)


              If you only permit one value to be stored in your field, you can set up a summary report with Referral Source (Don't format with a value list on this layout) and summary fields in a sub-summary part.


              Here's a link to a simple tutorial on setting up summary reports that you may find useful:

              Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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                Referral Source Type field is an editable drop-down list that allows only one value per field (eg, a client can be referred by only one source).

                I'll look at the tutorial you sent, but my brain is fried today.