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Text Field WordWrap - Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced.

Question asked by nasho23 on Oct 6, 2010
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Text Field WordWrap - Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced.


In my Table I have a Text Field named StreetAddress. This Field contains Records where the majority of  Street Addresses easily fit into the Column Width I have created for a Standard Street Address. However, I also have a number of Street Addresses that contain Supplemental Address information, that also has to be entered into this Field, along with the Standard Address.

The Browse Entry Srenn poses no problem for this because the Column Width can be increased to accept this addittional i9nformation.

Due to space limitations, the Column Width has to be reduced for this Field in the Print Report, which means little more than the Standard Street Address will be printed.

I need the Text in this Field to WordWrap to the next line, so that the Standard Address and the Supplemental Address information will all be Printed in the Report.

I have not been able to establish a procedure for this type of Formatting, in the Help Section.

If anyone has any experience with this, can you please advise.

Thank You