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Text Fields Fitting to Text

Question asked by MaxwellKessler on Jun 10, 2015
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Text Fields Fitting to Text


Hey guys,

I have the most basic database of all time here.  I'm taking notes for my job--essentially compiling ideas and organizing them.  Each idea gets a new record.  I put the notes I take on each idea into a text field.  Thing is, the text for each idea varies in size.  Sometimes they're only a sentence or two, and other times, they are like 3/4 of a page in Microsoft Word.

Is there any way to adjust my layout property for the text field so that the field automatically adjusts to the size of the text?  

Eventually, I will save all the records to a pdf and send them out.  It'd be great to be able to fit more than one record to a pdf page.  Right now, those one sentence records take up a whole page in the pdf.  It's wasteful and hard to navigate.

Anyone know what I can do?


Thanks in advance!