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Text Font + Formatting in a Field

Question asked by Keystone on Nov 1, 2009
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Text Font + Formatting in a Field


There's probably an obvious answer to this, but I'm missing something in my "Missing Manual".


I simply need to format a phone number field OnEnter to do two things... remove the formatting of the number I've copied, as well put it into the (555) 666-7777 format.


I have these two calculations:


TextFormatRemove (  Self )


Let(phone = Filter(Phone_number_field;"0123456789");"(" & Left(phone;3) & ") " & Middle(phone;4;3) & "-" & Middle(phone;7;4)) 


But what's the syntax to have them both work together? i.e. what exactly should I put into "Specify Calculation" box?