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    text formatting



      text formatting


      I am using the trial version considering going with filemaker.  background in excel (extensive) not databases.  can text be rotated to any degree other than horizontal or vertical in filemaker? 


      it appears as if it can't, but I have long field names with 2 digit columns and can't seem to figure out how to get hte label to align with the field.  In excel i can rotate the label to 30degrees and put it on an angle to the column. 


      My excel use is outgrowing excel and needs to migrate to a database. 


      Thanks for a probable yes or no answer

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          Great question.  I've been doing it by rotating the text in PPoint or Word, then copying and pasting into FMP as an object.  For some reason, I never though to ask how to do it directly.


          If someone knows how to do it in FMP itself...great!

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            Thank you for your post.


            At this time, FileMaker Pro can only rotate objects in 90 degree increments.


            Please enter this suggestion at:




            I would normally copy and paste this for you, but there are questions asked that only you can answer.


            When entering the suggestion, please explain why you need this.  Too many times, users will just say, "Add this feature" without giving any explanation.  I have noticed that more attention is given to the requests that have real life examples.


            In the mean time, create the object in another program and import it into FileMaker Pro as a graphic.



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