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    text formatting



      text formatting


      one problem i have a table of students with their details, different layouts require the students name in different fonts and sizes which is fair enough i change it on the particular layout, unfortunately for some students when on a 'certificate' layout which displays the students name even though in edit layout ive made the students name in a larger bold font it wont display as selected anyone have any ideas?


      thanks in advance 

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          Were some of the student names pasted into the database from the clipboard? If so the original text formatting was also pasted into the text field and these formats are overriding the formats you placed on the text field.


          A simple one time fix:


          Find all records

          Click in the field and select Records | Replace field contents.

          Choose the "Replace with calcualted result" option and enter the follow expression, but replace "yourtable::field" with the table and field names that refer to the student name field in your database:




          If users will be frequently pasting text into your student name field, do this also:


          Select File | Manage | Database | Fields and double click the student name field definition.

          Click the Auto-enter tab

          Click the Calculated Value check box and enter the same expression.

          Click OK and clear the "Do not replace existing value..." check box.

          Dismiss all the dialog boxes by clicking OK and try it out. 


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            1 - Resize the field to be big enough to accommodate its contents or reduce the font size, or both.


            2 - Review your conditional formatting instruction.