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Text Formatting Help

Question asked by CarlFritsche on Jul 23, 2013
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Text Formatting Help


     I have the master layout I use for data entry, all fields are set to use the same font & size. I copy information from another application and paste it into FMP 12 for one particular field. When I do it carries the formatting from the application I copied it from which is 'Times New Roman' 12 point.

     My layout uses 'Verdana' 12 point


     I thought I would make a script that I click a button next to that field and it changes it to the correct format, which it works but when I go to another layout which uses 'Arial' 8 point that field is the wrong size.

     I have been beating my head trying to figure out why it is doing that or what I am doing wrong.


     Here is the script:

TextFontRemove ( Hot Wheels Database::${Deco (Tampo/Color)} )

TextFont ( Hot Wheels Database::${Deco (Tampo/Color)} ; "Verdana" )


     Any help would be greatly appreciated,