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Text Formatting in a Value List

Question asked by RayMentor on Feb 23, 2010
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Text Formatting in a Value List


I've established a value list of "procedure names" that simply lists the field values for a field "procedure name" in all records in a table (table name is PROCEDURES) whose records have been imported from another source. The records came in with mixed formatting. That is, some are ALL CAPS, some lowercase, some Tilecase.


My issue is that my pop-up menu that uses the value list I created (i.e. procedure names in the PROCEDURES table) appears with the unsightly mixture of text formatting. I figured, no problem, just apply a looping script to the PROCEDURES records that removes text formatting, then applies a nice Titlecase formatting. Did that and records in PROCEDURES table look fine and uniform. Problem is, I go back to the test the pop-up menu and I'm getting the same garbage mixture of text styles even though the value list is calling a field that looks uniform in the source table (i.e. PROCEDURES).


I created a brand new value list, figuring that would fix it and I get the same mixed case results. I even exported and reimported the data in the PROCEDURES and get the same mixed case result in the menu.


Any ideas about how to solve this seemingly simple glitch?