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Text import Format German/French andHypen

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Nov 3, 2012
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Text import Format German/French andHypen


      Good eveing,

     I have a 2 part question. I work with descriptions in French and German when imported get strange fonts such as these

     08 Domaine Michel Gros  Vosne-Roman√©e, Les Br√ªl√©es,  which should be Vosne Romanee les Brulee

     How should I import so these characters won't change?

     2nd question,

     Using my portal and a global name search when a word has a quotaion mark I am unable to find when searching?

     part of my code is ( IsEmpty ( Order_Entry::gS_ItemDescription ) or PatternCount ( inv_Products_4select::c_ItemName;Order_Entry::gS_ItemDescription ) )


     Thanks for direction