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Text inside an evaluate calculation

Question asked by mootles22 on Oct 14, 2010
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Text inside an evaluate calculation


Hi there,

I have two fields called "OrgName" and "OrgType" and I need to create a printout with these two fields combined and central on the page, with a hyphen in between, so that they will look like this:

Organisation Name - Organisation Type

So far, I have a calculation field - "Org_Full" - which is defined by the following formula:

Org_Full = Evaluate ( "Org_Name & \" \" & Org_TypeDenom" ; [Org_Name ; Org_TypeDenom] )

I've played around with speech marks like " - " and the like but can't seem to get it working.

It's pretty simple I know but I just can't see it! Maybe I would be better off with something other than evaluate?

Thanks in advance... :)