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Text Parsing Challenge

Question asked by deadboltsecurity on Feb 21, 2010
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Text Parsing Challenge


OK, this question probably shows how much of newbie I am as it seems like a pretty basic challenge.


I'm importing text from a log file into a field called  "TheLine". My data looks like this...

edit 27 here red there www

edit 149 here green brown blue there eee

edit 217 here blue there 888-999

edit 22 here yellow-orange there

edit 43 here there 

 I'm trying to make a formula field called "TheResult" that has all the text inbetween "here" and "there". I should wind up with...


green brown blue



{empty field}

 I've got so many nested MiddleWord, Position, Left, Right, RightWords, etc. that I've totally blown my last brain cell.


Help! (Next I get to figure out how to properly sort IP addresses. That should be fun!)