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Text Parsing for Presence of a Text String

Question asked by woodworker on Jan 17, 2014
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Text Parsing for Presence of a Text String


     My database includes a text field named Description.  Circumstances preclude limiting how users enter data to this field.  I wish to search Description for the presence of a shorter string.  For example, Description might have the value "large bluebowl"; note that there is no space between blue and bowl.  I wish to search for the presence of each of a list of shorter strings, such as bowl, plate, mug, vase, platter, pitcher and several more.

     I looked for a function which returns a logical yes or no, such as 'Contains (target string); (search string)' and found none.

     Is there a function or calculation which performs the above search that I am missing?  Or which could be adapted to the purpose?

     I thought about using Filter (description; bowl).   For the above example it returns blbowl, getting me not much closer.

     Some combination of Find and Case also seemed promising, but I could not figure out how to structure it.

     Thanks in advance for any help offered.