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    text reporting



      text reporting



           I'm new to filemaker and I'm currently working in a hospital where I build a small patient follow up application. Based on a protocol the nurse has to run through and where she can check several boxes. for instance:

           [   ] tired

           [   ] fever

           [   ] swollen feet


           If a checkbox is checked the field is filled with a boolean value (1 or nothing). What i would like to do is to have a summary field in the end of the layout where a text content is filled based on the checked boxes. for instance:

           [ X ] tired

           [   ]  fever

           [ X ] swollen feet


           Summary field:

      the patient we contacted had the following symptoms: he was tired, he had swollen feet. please follow the required instruction for treatment....

           This field the nurse can copy and paste in the medical record for storage. up till now i had no efficient way to solve this problem and i'm hoping for some help on this!


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               I suggest the following calculation. It won't produce exactly what you ask for as the phrasing is simpler, but it should be acceptable:

               This assumes that you have a single field formatted with these check boxes. I'll call the field "YourCheckBoxField".

               Define your calculation to be:

          "The patient we contacted had the following symptoms:  " & Substitute ( YourCheckBoxField ; ¶ ; ", " ) & ". please follow the required instruction for treatment...."

               Using your example, this will produce:

          the patient we contacted had the following symptoms: tired, swollen feet. please follow the required instruction for treatment....

               Leaving out the pronouns and verbs makes for a much less complex expression.

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                 Thanks for the reply, however this was not entirely what I am looking for.

                 I'll try to explain it further:

                 for instance:

                 Field 1 = checkbox [  ] Doctor

                 Field 2 = checkbox [  ] Caregiver

                 Field 3= Checkbox [  ] Heart attack

                 Field 4 = checkbox [  ] swollen feet


                 If I would check Doctor (which value will turn to 1) and check heart attack, which turns its value also to 1, i would like to have a 'comments field' where the following text is generated:

                 For your patient the : 'doctor was contacted' to report the problem of: "a Heart attack"

                 I can do this in a layout where we could use the merge fields but i would put more logic into the reporting based on various calculations (if some fields are empty insert a certain text string in front etc...

                 I am able to enter text in a field if another field has value 1, but I cannot add a second text string to that first text string to complete the sentence.

                 I hope this makes sense?

                 thanks in advance!


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                   If you can get the results you wanted with merge fields, then the calculation field to produce the same is quite similar.

                   "some text <<FIeld1>> some more text <<Field2>>

                   and this calculation:

                   "some text " & field1 & " some more text " & field2

                   will produce the same result.