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text reporting

Question asked by LarsGrieten on Jan 2, 2014
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text reporting



     I'm new to filemaker and I'm currently working in a hospital where I build a small patient follow up application. Based on a protocol the nurse has to run through and where she can check several boxes. for instance:

     [   ] tired

     [   ] fever

     [   ] swollen feet


     If a checkbox is checked the field is filled with a boolean value (1 or nothing). What i would like to do is to have a summary field in the end of the layout where a text content is filled based on the checked boxes. for instance:

     [ X ] tired

     [   ]  fever

     [ X ] swollen feet


     Summary field:

the patient we contacted had the following symptoms: he was tired, he had swollen feet. please follow the required instruction for treatment....

     This field the nurse can copy and paste in the medical record for storage. up till now i had no efficient way to solve this problem and i'm hoping for some help on this!