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Text Selection Highlight Color

Question asked by RodrigoPerez_1 on Mar 13, 2013
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Text Selection Highlight Color


     I've recently been working through some tutorial databases from FileMaker Pro 12:  The Missing Manual and have run into an issue with the highlight color for selected text.  In some parts of the screen, rather than use the system highlight color (this is on a Mac), FileMaker uses its own color choice, which in this case, is a dark navy blue.  The text that gets highlighted is a medium blue, so this combination essentially makes the text unreadable when it is selected.

     I've read through several old posts on the forum that suggest that FileMaker Pro simply calculates what it assumes to be a contrasting color and uses that for certain highlights.   It would be much better if FMP simply stayed with the system highlight color or at least allowed you to select the color that it uses, but it still doesn't appear to offer this option in version 12.  I thought that I would double check here in the forum to see if I'm missing something or if, in fact, this is still the case.

     Just to further clarify this issue, the database in question has a Customers view with a navy blue background.  I'm not sure how they created the navy blue background as I cannot find a way to change its color.  On top of the background is a box in a very light blue onto which have been placed text boxes with their layouts and labels and a list box that displays the contents of another table.  All of the text boxes use the Mac's system highlight color for their text which works very well; however, the list box is highlighting in navy blue, which as I said, makes it very difficult to read the text it contains.  I thought that if I could change the background color of the database that this might influence the highlight color, but as I can't find a way to change the background color for the view, I cannot test this theory.

     Normally, when working with the list box in this view, you wouldn't typically have it highlighted, but if you're editing one of the text boxes and need to refer to something in the list box, you'd be out of luck.  It's certainly not the end of the world, but does seem to be a rather glaring issue in what is otherwise a very polished and refined software package.

     Any thoughts or hints that you may have regarding this issue would be most welcome!

     I'll attach a screenshot to show what I'm talking about.