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Text styling in portal help

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Jan 11, 2014
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Text styling in portal help


     FMP 13 FM13GO.   I have a portal using alternating rows with a popover button.  All the text I am displaying is contained in the button so it can slide up if other fields are left blank.  Some is justified left and some is justified right.  The size and color of the font is different as well.  when I click in on other portal rows, the text all turns the smaller size and the lighter color.  and the top row appears to flash back to the proper styles as i click in and out of portal windows.  I turned off the alt row setting and it still does it.  i check all the different states the text could b in and made them the same.  the only time it does not happen is when i make the font all the same size and color.  thank you!