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    Text wildcard used in 'If' calculation?



      Text wildcard used in 'If' calculation?


      Hi all, I'm writing an "If.." statement for a calculation and would like to know how to phrase a conditional statement that depends on a field having a text value (specifically, I want my calculation to make a choice based on whether "Last_name" is not blank).  I initially goofed writing the statement and put "*", in which case it assessed my text field for an *.  However, I realized that I wasn't looking for a *, but any text value.  What can I use in this situation?  Below is the text that I currently have:


       If (Owner_Last_name=*; (If (Owner_Company_name=*; Owner_Company_name&" c/o "&Owner_Full_name; Owner_Full_name)); (If (Owner_Company_name; Owner_Company_name; "dummy")))


      Any insights?