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    Text will not print out



      Text will not print out


      I have a field called notes and when I type informationin it it wraps around to the 2nd line and al looks well

      In "preview" mode the text does not show, nor will it print out or be available when I save to PDF.

      I am using FM v9

      Any ideas


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          How tall is the field? Is it only one line of text tall? If so, during editing the field pops out to show more of the contents, but only one line of text will be visible when printing/Previewing/PDF'ing. You'd need to resize the field to make it more than one line tall. There's a sliding option you can specify in the Inspector for a selected layout object such as your field that can be used to "shrink" the field down when the space for two or more lines of text aren't needed to display the full contents of the field.