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    Text wrap in a portal line?



      Text wrap in a portal line?


      Is there any way to make the text wrap in a portal line? Say for instance I have a field in my portal for "Special Notes", and the notes are much longer than the space allowed to show them. I understand that I can create a scroll bar, and that is works fine when I am in data entry. But when I print my layout, the text on and after the second line in that field does not print. Is there any way to have it show and just have that portal line extend down? i.e. In excel you can select for the text to wrap in the box and the row would just extend as deep as needed to show the text. If not, I'll take suggestions for any other methods to show the information...

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          Hi AJ


          as a general rule you have not to print a portal, but to print a layout based on the related table.


          Doing so, you can make that field as large as you want and apply to it the sliding by going to menu:


          Format >> Set Sliding/Printing... >> 'Sliding based on All above' and 'Also reduce the size of the enclosing part'

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            I know that I can set up the sliding/printing to accomodate that.... But it still does not allow me to diplay the data on one line while having data on the line below it.


            To clarify, say I have a portal for "Products" In this portal, I have several fields (Product, Cost, QTY, Extended Price, and Notes). These fields are coming from related tables "Products" and "OrderLineItem". So say I drop a line item in my order, and I need to write some notes about the particular product. I only have a certain amount of room I can offer that field in my portal. Now, I can make this field as deep as I want, say, enough for 3 lines of text. That works well, unless I have a product on the next line that I also need to make notes for.


            What I need is for the line item "Line" in the portal to extend downward to accomodate for the extra text in a particlar field (like how Ecxel will make a row extend down with text wrapping in a box). I know that this is not likely possible, but I figured it was worth a shot asking all the Filemaker geniuses out there :)



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              Sorry, AJ: you have underestimated the significance of Daniele's comment, "...you have not to print a portal, but to print a layout based on the related table".  You can make the user think they are printing from the table they are viewing, but you would actually take them to a layout based upon the portal relationship, show only related records, and use the 'Sliding...' options Daniele outlines.  You can make it all look seamless - the user apparently never leaves the original screen.


              Portals are intended primarily for screen-viewing - you will have a problem similar to this one when the number of related records exceeds the number of rows displayed in the portal.




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                Well, I already have a print layout (one that is used in a script that I have created). In that layout, I have portals containing more portal rows than I will ever fill up on a single order. I did this so that in my "viewing" screen, I can have a scroll bar set up for each portal with say, 5 lines... It makes for a cleaner and more practical screen, while giving me the ability to print those "hidden" portal lines when printing.. So, when I click "print", the script bounces over to the print layout where it then prints portals with 100 rows each, with the sliding/printing set to reduce the empty spaces between the portals and exclude the unused rows. What I need, though, is for a particular line in a portal to expand- **Not the portal itself to expand to accomodate more "related records"** but just for one line expand to 2 rows width to accomodate text in a particular field in a portal line. If I have too much text in a field for the field to display all of the text, is there a way to have the text wrap in the box onto two lines (therefore making the field 2 rows deep), and have the portal line expand down to contain the now 2 row deep field?