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    Textbox resize on reports



      Textbox resize on reports


      Most tools I've worked with use a "CanGrow" feature where textboxes may contain memos of widely various lengths.  The "CanShrink" approach of FileMaker means that you are always setting some limit for truncation. We have an app that provides a memo style field for Scope of Work.  This could be 1 line...or multiple pages of text.

      Is there are strategy for overcoming this limitation?


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          a) Use a very, very large text field on your print layout.

          b) Break up the memo text into multiple records and use a list view layout. (Will still likely need sliding fields, but the size of the field can be much smaller and you can print out more text than is possible from a single sliding field (and possibly with better page breaks). A script could be used to extract each paragraph of that field into a separate related record.

          c) export your data to MS Word via the Merge field option set up for pulling the data into MS Word--where you now have better document formatting options than available in FileMaker.

          d) Complain to FileMaker that they really need to update this. (This feature has changed little if any since I first started using FileMaker--FileMaker 2.5.