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    TextColor in Custom Dialog windows?



      TextColor in Custom Dialog windows?


       Doesn't TextColor workin a "Show Custom Dialog" window?

      I wrote: 

      Event Youth List::eyl Youth First &  " is already signed up for this event and therefore, to prevent duplicates, "  & TextColor ( "was not added again." ; RGB (255 ; 0; 0) )

      but I get no color showing.



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          Show custom dialog does not support assigning a text format like this. It's all very "plain vanilla".

          A work around is to use New Window to open up a new window to serve as your dialog box for displaying data and receiving user input. It takes more scripting to support--especially if there's any chance that the file will be used on a windows system with maximized windows, but it can be done and this method presents a window with a layout you specify so now you have all the options you can use for any layout--including data validation, script triggers, value lists, pop up calendars....