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TextFormatRemove VS Ctrl+Shift+V

Question asked by jmcroteau on Oct 31, 2012
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TextFormatRemove VS Ctrl+Shift+V


     Recently upgraded from FM Pro 9 to FM Pro 12V2

     Users filling in text data fileds often copy/paste text from other sources. In the older FM version, text formats were automatically removed and replaced by the layout field formats. In the new version, formats are kept with the pasted text. The only two workarounds I know of are either apply to all the required fields a calculated value "TextFormatRemove" or have users paste text using the Ctrl+Shift+V command. Either we modify the fields definitions or teach a new trick to all our users... For consistency, the 1st option is preferred.

     Since our database holds about 30 tables and each of them have from 10 to 50 user editable text fields and not having the time and resources required to modify each of them individually, I am wondering if there is a simpler/faster way? One that, for example, could be applied to multiple fileds at once, via the layout mode?



     PS By mistake, I found that pasting with Ctrl-V followed by Ctrl-X also removes text formats.