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TextStyleAdd function issue with Dollar amounts

Question asked by imgaryshap on Jun 15, 2010
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TextStyleAdd function issue with Dollar amounts


I am using FMP 8 on a MAC.


I have a field where the user can manually enter the budget called Production Cost Per Episode (ProdCPE).


I have another field with a drop down selection called Budget Type where the user can select either "Working" or "Contractual"


When I run a report, I would like the following to happen:

When Budget Type is "Working", ProdCPE will appear in Italics.  When Budget Type is "Contractual" it will remain as is.


I also want the number format to appear in dollars $123,456   (with the dollar symbol and no decimals)


I figured out how to get the number to appear in italics using the following calculation:


If (Budget Type="Working"; TextStyleAdd(ProdCPE;Italic); ProdCPE)


However, in order for this calculation to work, I have to remove the dollar formatting from the field so my numbers are just appearing as entered:    123456   rather than: $123,456


Any suggestions on how to maintain the dollar formatting along with the change in style to italics?


Thanks so much!