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    Thank you to PhilModJunk



      Thank you to PhilModJunk



      I have no idea what your handle means. But I just wanted to say that I am very appreciative of the patient, detailed help you provide here to those of us who:

      - aren't yet so far along

      - should know better than what we post, but have had an occasional brain fart


      Thank you. 

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          I, too, am impressed. Your knowledge seems to have no bounds. The time it takes to research, add links, explain and post seems to point to three or more Phils posting under one username.

          One can only assume you sit poised to make a system critical app work after a problem. The problem is the app is so well constructed that it never has problems.

          A dozen Kudos to you, PhilModJunk.


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            You're Welcome.


            For those curious, "ModJunk" refers to my employer "Modesto Junk Company"---a scrap metal recycler that uses a number of FMP DBs---one of which we are attempting to market to other scrap metal and/or Used Beverage Container recyclers. Since getting their systems upgraded to FMP 10, I've been swatting occaisonal bugs as they pop up while waiting my employer's go ahead to implement further enhancements.


            That's left me with a bit of extra time, and I prefer helping others to playing solitaire. In the process, participating in this forum has taught me more than a few new tricks that I can now use on my own systems.

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                 That is an interesting tidbit of information. You should put that in your profile.