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    The "Find" function"



      The "Find" function"


      Using FMP 7. On iMac OS 10.6.1. I am a relatively new user.

      I am trying to do a FIND to find all records, in a field that starts with the letter F. When I am given the results, I get all records that have an F in any part of the field.  But I just want the fields that have an F right at the beginning of the field. For example, when I invoke the FIND command, looking for F, the field might have "ARFC". But I want only the records that have "FARC, FHER, F UTE. etc" command.  Can someone help?

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          Try entering F*


          The following special search characters apply to FMP 9 but may work in your version:


          @ - unknown single character (e.g. J@n finds Jon)

          * - unknown characters (e.g. J*n finds Jon and John)

          # - digits in a text field (e.g. #7 finds 57 but not 7 or 700)

          ? - invalid character in a text field

          = - exact match of whole word 

          == - exact match of entire field content

          < - less than

            > - greater than

          " “ - a phrase or sequence of characters (e.g. ”John Smith”, “@”)