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the dreaded sumif

Question asked by wcallman on Aug 8, 2013
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the dreaded sumif


     Trying to make a database simplier than using excel. I am struggling with sumif. 

     database has the following fields

     catergory - text,  date-date, amount-(currently)number, supplier-text, reason-text.

     I want to create a seperate layout that has the total for each category, and another layout

     that totals each supplier. When I say total I am looking for the total of the "amount" entered.

     I have tried joined db's, portals, case, created a report layout which ran the totals just fine, but

     when I tried to bring the totals into another field using get, no success, so far no result (a correct one).

     In ex-ex-ex-excel  I can easily accomplish this using sumif. Has anyone created a solution? or work around?


     Bill Allman