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The key to self discovery?

Question asked by Derrenger on Aug 26, 2010
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The key to self discovery?


I know there has got to be a simple answer to this age old question...

I'm running FMP 11, and I've got a table with a bunch of records in it, and I want to create a script that will constrain a find to whatever is currently entered in a certain field.

For example, let say I have say I have 30 records with either an A, B, or C in a particular field:

10 A's

8 B's

12 C's

Now lets say, I happen to be looking at a C record, and I want to push a button that will constrain my find to only C records (or whatever happens to be active in that field when I run it), so that running it returns a found (constrained?) set of 12 C's.

I've tried playing with Get (ActiveFieldContents), and even Get(Self), but my logic is failing me...

any guidance at this point would be greatly appreciated... self discovery is a many splendid thing.